hp tuners wideband hookup

a -0.6 offset, so we will enter -0.6 into the spreadsheet. To get the wideband to display here, you will need to add. You might want to start here. Our project car, a fox body Mustang with a 2006 engine and transmission transplant is almost complete. Copyright 2010 Page 14 15 Step 3: On the Insert Parameter box, under the AUX Input List, expand the User Defined Tree.

If there is a difference from what the VCM Scanner is reading and what the wideband is reading, you have a voltage offset error. Superchips 5845-6 Pack of 6 Universal Flashpaq F5 Pro Programmers for HP Tuners 60 Day Returns. Package Deals If you are looking to save money, we offer many different package deals with the various products that we sell. No, we do not hand out car sponsorships. Setting up the Wideband in the Table (Primary) which starts on page Setting up the Wideband in the Charts Display which starts on page Setting up the Wideband in the Gauges Display which starts on page.

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