wireless router hookup instructions

near you. If you have any questions or concerns you can ask an electronics clerk or call the manufacturer yourself and ask them any questions you need answered before buying. You just enable itand everything else is done automatically. However the reality is that the router can only route the digital traffic as fast as the internet connection os able to itself so that is the limitation they all face. It should be up and running. Yes you can but you need reflash to firmware that allows you to do that like DD-WRT. Then follow the wiki to set it up as a repeater. If you do not have an installation disc check with the manufacturer for a free download of the installation software.

Or, maybe you'r a little more advanced and have been logging into your router and found out how you can backup your configuration settings to your pc in a folder somewhere and then just as easily load the configuration file back to the router. Make sure the wireless is not around anything that is metal or has radio intrference. Only the 2nd router needs this and the router has to to be on the list of ones that will take a reflash. Ask a new question, configuration Wireless Router D-Link DSL Wireless Networking. I want to use the 1st or main router that is connected to the internet as a wired router only since it is closest to all my wired devices. Now after a few seconds tap on your Wireless name (ssid configured on your W/L router/Access point) from Choose a Network lists then enter the Preshared key on prompt.