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a legal standard in states across the country, mine included. Thus, the pair pledged to always remain friends. Hollow Realization takes place after the main story arcs of the Sword Art Online anime series, and sees its many likeable characters return to a virtual world thats in many ways reminiscent of Aincrad, where they were once horrifically trapped. The first of the three DLCs, the Explorer of Illusory Mists Genmu no Tankysha? Without awareness of what others around me might be thinking, all that mattered was that moment with him. But all of this was experienced in the abstract world of political discourse, and until I found myself fantasizing about what it might be like to actually be married to my boyfriend, it always felt distant from my reality.

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Its the style and frequency with which the story is presented, though, that makes it feel obtrusive. The idea of a ceremony without substance behind it felt hollow and defeating. Its an overwhelming amount of real estate to cover, which adds quite a bit to the fake MMO veneer. Lisbeth's Ending Edit Following Kirito to a hill overlooking a vast expanse of land, Lisbeth shared his sentiment on the beauty of the view there. Kirito and friends vow to protect Premiere while uncovering the truth about her null coding. She then accepted Kirito's proposition of maintaining their friendship and continuing to love each other as they had before.

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