dating a sex addict

back to the fundamentals: identifying the addict is the first step. I didnt realize I even had a libido, she says, sounding giddy. That is to say that the addiction is treated as very shameful, being very mentally ill, being an outlier. The term sex addict might call to mind a male celeb who just got busted with the nanny: His face is plastered on the front page of a tabloid, eyes averted, the term SEX addict! One-night stands, extra-marital affairs, GPS hook-ups, obsessive online dating. Often, they dont get caught until they do something illegal and/or incredibly stupid ( paging Anthony Weiner which makes the sex addict tabloid stereotype all the more salacious. At my worst, I was carrying on three or four relationships at once outside of my primary partnership. The lies are numerous: They are not where they say they are, and they arent hanging out with the people they say they are.

Dating a sex addict
dating a sex addict

But if their sexual interests become all-encompassing, and if you are being pushed physically or emotionally beyond your comfort zone, then your partner clearly has some issues that may add up to sex addiction. Hes not, like, some gutter dweller. But as with any type of addiction, the addict in question probably isnt thinking clearly about who her behavior could hurt. When deGuzman finally committed to kicking her addiction in January 2015, she still suffered through the physical and emotional pain of withdrawals just like any other addict. This a successful person who is doing these crazy things. Did he hurt me? The trouble was, DeGuzman chose men who couldnt or wouldnt commit to her.

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