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right. And the final chart at the end of the series can be found here Emma even lampshades, saying that the "glee kids have dated so incestuously". This is very subtle and possibly unintentional, but Sebastian called Blaine to ask how to remove a wine stain from his Dalton jacket. In "The Rocky Horror Glee Show Sam mentions the Men of McKinley calendar. Finn and Rachel do, then they don't. When he died in between seasons, Finn died too. Anachronism Stew : The first part of season 5 is taking place where season 4 left off in the Spring of 2013 to finish off the school year.

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Season Four was pretty much the same, but there was at least an excuse considering all the show's couples were broken. They both look like butch lesbians (at first in Bieste's case and are played by them, but are straight/trans. However, along with being in the Glee Club, he brought the Cheerios to a national title, started a P-flag chapter at McKinley, was in the school play and, most of all, organized his father's successful congressional campaign. You could make a drinking game out of every episode that boils down to Be Yourself. From a lot of hate. Blaine sums it up nicely: Blaine : (midly surprised) A bully with a moral code. It gets even worse in Season 5, which causes the glee club to end, albeit temporarily. There were only two exceptions, looking for sex in Elk Grove both in the first season. The writers were forced to drop that trait after they got angry responses from several fans over. Spinoff : One was planned for three "graduating" students, but it was never approved by the network.

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