radio hookup for ipod

the antenna to the radio, turn the unit on and enjoy the conversations. You can input an audio through the DVD entertainment system in theback seat. First, you need to buy an adapter that connects a male.8mm headphone jack (standard) and has on the other side, a male 1/4" jack. You need Wi-Fi to access the email account, so there really isn't a point in setting it up if you don't have Wi-Fi. Heres how it works. Connecting the iPod via iPod dock To connect using the iPod dock, you first need to purchase an iPod dock accessory.

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radio hookup for ipod

Device Uses Car Stereo Satellite

radio hookup for ipod

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Take your time and DO IT right! Then, plug the red and white RCA-style plugs to the matching inputs on the back of your stereo receiver or boombox. Connect the remote to the auxiliary jack and listen to your vehicles audio system. The hookup provides a safe mobile environment, listening enjoyment, without the hassles of having to rewire your vehicles audio system. Yes, you can, although, to my knowledge, only with an Ipod Shuffle, or other Ipod with.8mm (1/8"?) headphone jack. By plugging the adapter to guitar pedals and then the pedals through the amp.

To place a call press the auxiliary button and dial out. Hookup is similar in function to the universal remote control. Turns pos neg into RCA.

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