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making a comcast cable hookup diagram hydrant connection when Ladder 5 (L-5) arrived on-scene. 74 Recommendation #41: Municipalities and local authorities having jurisdiction should coordinate the collection of building information and the sharing of information between building authorities and fire departments. First, a 150 GPM combination nozzle and 15/16 smooth bore tip combined into a break apart nozzle with a nozzle pressure of 50 psi and a friction loss of 35 psi per 100 of 1-3/4 hose. For structures over 5 stories in height, the first alarm assignment would be 3 engines, 1 ladder truck, a Battalion Chief and the Assistant Chief. The Incident Commander must use an evaluation system that considers and accounts for changing fireground conditions in order to stay ahead of the fire. At approximately 1952 hours, E-4 radioed the BC that the city fire department wanted E-4 to set up water supply to the city fire departments Ladder 4 (L-4) in the parking lot at the front of the main showroom. Vol 15, Issues III. The E-10 captain and fire fighter got the 1 booster line that they had previously pulled off E-10 and advanced the booster line to the loading dock door. The E-11 acting captain told the E-16 captain he would go find out why the 2 hose line was still uncharged. The two crews (two fire fighters on each apparatus) donned their turnout gear and proceeded to the D-side of the showroom to join up with their BC when a city police officer stopped them and said a male employee was trapped in the rear.

This suction connection is often located at the extreme right side of the front of the apparatus cab.
A sticking point in the debate for and against residential fire sprinkler systems is always cost.
Home builders claim sprinkler systems add exorbitant costs to the price of a new home - 5,000, 10,000 or more.

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On August 29, 2007, the PPE was examined in detail by a personal protective clothing expert contracted by niosh. Recommendation #8: Fire departments should ensure the early implementation of division and group command into the Incident Command System. The AC instructed E-16 to come to the front door and bring a 2 hand line inside. With the 2-1/2 handline calculating out to 80 psi and the Mercury master stream calculating out to 90 psi based on the 120 psi pressure setting,they will be over pumped creating a higher flow and nozzle pressure. A complete 360 degree size-up was never conducted. Engine 13 began laying a supply line to L-5 at 1947 hours.