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girl, more March 29, 2018198 min 198 min Charlie and Duji got. Recap of Roverfest X, more July 23, 2018195 min 195 min Bert Kreischer,. October 5, 2018164 min 164 min, is this the beginning of the end for Duji, TJ Miller, more Rover and Duji get into an argument over Rochester. October 12, 2018192 min 192 min, the Scrabblist/ AC Shreds/ Letters/ Mozgov Calls/ Trolley Horse/ RIP, Bananas/ Fast Food Beatbox/ Oval Office Kanye/ Death Lance. October 8, 2018199 min 199 min, live from Rochester, Charlie is having panic attacks, more. Live from Dallas, Axe-throwing/Trapeze contests, more. September 26, 2018202 min 202 min, richard Rawlings, Bromances, more, september 25, 2018209 min 209 min. Duji is very upset that B2 is going to a meeti. more August 23, 2018202 min 202 min Nadz considers taking 25k to let Rover read his texts, Asia Argento denies sexual assault tale, more August 22, 2018202 min 202 min Senator wants to criminalize calling 911 on law-abiding black people, Rover is going to Italy. October 10, 2018185 min 185 min, jeffrey's kids are in the newspaper, Greg Harris CEO of the Rock Hall calls in, more. October 1, 2018198 min 198 min, stuck in Houston, Hellcat stolen, more. Flo Rida performs Where Them Girls At at RoverFest 2015 09/19/2016, he just got it on Friday, and on Monday hes already dropping his new iPhone 7 into a glass of water!

@livenationcle thanks for sending @jordanknight my way! Rover s Morning Glory. On the Thursday Hook-Up R olling Glory One Track Rolling Glory One Store Apparel RMG Plus Mugs Cart Install App Contact Us Login. Hook-Up girl admits having sex with inmate while working. In one of the more bizarre stories from The Hook-Up (and there.

October 15, 2018193 min 193 min, jim Florentine, Charlie bought the worst call of all time, more. 07/30/2016, jLRs alter-ego Crochet-LR welcomed two new additions to the family: Ace Fabric and Mary Elizastitch!

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Alicia admits to having sex with an inmate while she worked at a prison! Does he have a steady girlfriend? October 11, 2018167 camper sewage hookup min 167 min, duji is going out on the prowl for men, The Hook-up, more. September 24, 2018183 min 183 min Live from Indianapolis, the Browns won a football game, more September 21, 2018184 min 184 min Is Charlie the new producer? October 16, 2018187 min 187 min, cornerstore Caroline, Jeffrey's smoke detector has been going off for eight years, more. The Hook-up, more September 20, 2018198 min 198 min The conclusion of Jeffrey's homeless cat lady saga? Ian Smith, more July 20, 2018176 min 176 min Red Sun Rising, Listener threatens suicide, more July 19, 2018160 min 160 min Brent Smith of Shinedown, Man calls cops after being fouled in basketball game, more July 18, 2018190 min 190 min Rover was interrupted. 03/21/2017, dieter stripped down to his boxers to crush watermelons between his thighs. October 3, 2018199 min 199 min, snitzer has a huge bruise, Cristiano Ronaldo accused of rape, more. October 4, 2018211 min 211 min, have you ever sent a D pic to your mom, Jeffrey's son's birthday, more.